The surroundings that we live in greatly impact our mental health in several ways.

Large, open spaces can limit anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed.

A quality color palette, lighting, and meaningful artistic objects can also help people feel relaxed and secure.

Those looking for luxury home remodeling in Arcadia, AZ must carefully consider both art and functionality when redesigning their living space.

Read on to learn where these two concepts intersect and how you can turn your high-end home into a safe haven.

Functionality: A Must-Have for Any Living Space

Functionality should be the #1 priority in any living space.

Aesthetics are important, but when you don’t have a practical and easy-to-use space, it’s hard to live there no matter how nice it looks.

When you prioritize functionality, you make the room more ergonomic and practical.

Space utilization is one of the core tenets of functionality, meaning that you should organize your space sensibly and keep it tidy and simple.

Well-organized chests of drawers and easy-to-reach shelving can help you do this.

Functional Features to Consider

Multipurpose furniture like an ottoman with storage space inside is a great functional design feature.

It’s also ergonomic and comfortable because you can use it to kick up your feet and relax.

Quality lighting is also a functional necessity.

Large windows and blinds that let natural light in don’t just decrease your energy bills.

They also boost your mood with Vitamin D and stave off depression.

Plus, because luxury homes are partially defined by open spaces, they make your house feel larger and more elegant.

You also can choose functional light fixtures with warm, cool, soft, or harsh lighting depending on the mood you want in your room.

Warm and soft lighting are cozy features.

Cooler, harsher lighting is energizing and invigorating.

Other functional features like smart technology make the room easy to live in.

You can turn on the lighting with a voice command or clap of your hands.

You can regulate the space’s temperature automatically and open/close blinds with a remote control.

The Role of Art in Luxury Home Design

Art adds a human touch to any home because it breathes life into any room.

When you look at a painting or sculpture, you connect with the artist as well as the subject of the piece.

Other aspects of your home may be impersonal and functional, but art reminds people of the ways that we emotionally and spiritually connect with our surroundings.

Adding art to your luxury interior design also lets you express yourself throughout your living space.

You’ll be able to showcase subjects that you like from landscape paintings to miniature portraits of people.

Art also can help you create a color palette, especially abstract art that invokes strong emotions.

Speaking of emotions, art helps you tap into new ones.

Art is more than a decoration, it inspires constant thought and forces us to see things from new vantage points.

It’s a great reminder that we’re part of a larger world filled with others who want to create and capture the universe as they see it.

Adding Art to Your Room

Because luxury homes aren’t meant to be cluttered, it’s important that you use art both sparingly and boldly.

Consider large paintings with colors that match your room.

Bold brushstrokes, intriguing landscapes, and interesting textures can add a human touch that no piece of furniture can.

Before adding art to any room, make sure that you know your luxury style.

Some people prefer classical and traditional design that’s a throwback to the Victorian era.

This means plush furniture, Oriental patterns in artwork, and pottery art like vases alongside still life paintings.

Others want a modern or contemporary space with abstract paintings and eclectic metal statues.

These designs often pair well with high-ceilinged luxury spaces that feature large windows and glass or metal fixtures.

Customization is the #1 principle of interior design because it lets you make your space your own.

A quality remodeling service for luxury homeowners will help you find design schemes and artistic elements that match your personal tastes and preferences.

This can help you feel more at home in your space.

How Do These Concepts Intersect?

At first brush, functionality and artistic expression may seem like concepts that could never coexist.

However, this is far from the case.

They can work together to create a holistically beautiful luxury home.

Whether you’re adding an annex to your space or redesigning an existing room, home builders can help you better understand how to integrate aesthetics into functional design.

Professionals can design beautiful spaces that are effortlessly and naturally functional.

While design elements that contribute to daily routine are easily accessible, they’re disguised with artistic features that amplify different areas.

This will draw the eye from functional features so that those in the space can look at art while enjoying ergonomic fixtures.

For example, a chest of drawers in the corner of your bedroom can be made with wood that matches your bedposts and closet doors.

This matches other aesthetic design elements, but you can also mask functionality by putting an artistic vase or small wooden sculpture on the top of the drawers.

Harmonious design means that functionality and aesthetics transform a space by working in tandem.

This creates a sense of balance and enrichment that can boost your mental health and overall daily life.

Ultimately, this is the core principle of luxury lifestyles.

High-ceilinged rooms, artistic elements, and easy-to-use features all coexist to make your life both easier and richer.

Get Luxury Home Remodeling in Chandler, AZ

Both art and functionality are critical aspects of enhancing any space.

Luckily, they heavily intersect and work together for top-notch interior design.

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