A staggering 82% of meals are prepared at home.

This number changed drastically over the last decade.

If you count yourself as a home chef, you deserve the best of the best.

Designing a kitchen is an exciting process, as you are able to remodel your favorite room in the house to fit your needs exactly. 

If you are looking for a high-end kitchen, the kitchen design needs to be perfect.

Are you wondering what to include in your high-end kitchen remodel?

Look no further; keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

Designing a Kitchen

Although looking at the current trends might be worthwhile, keep in mind that a kitchen is a workspace that needs to work for you and your family.

There are several items that need consideration when it comes to kitchen design, including color, layout, and materials.


One of the most important items is, without a doubt, the layout.

Each house is different, so the layout differs from house to house. However, it needs to make sense.

Keep your workspace accessible and central while allowing for plenty of storage space in and around the central workspace. 

The most efficient layout is a “triangle” layout, where the stove, sink, and kitchen are arranged in a triangle.

These three items should surround the central workspace of your kitchen.

Another item that is essential to a high-end kitchen is a butler’s pantry.

Often, kitchen designers add the pantry as an afterthought or assume that the cupboards can function as a pantry.

Make sure you can reach the pantry easily and that every item is in view.

Don’t let those potatoes sprout in the dark corners of the abyss!


Next comes the color. Color can make or break the overall look of a kitchen.

So it is crucial that the colors work well with your home and your personal taste.

However, a high-end kitchen requires a thought-through color palate.

There is no issue with thinking outside the box, but be aware that certain color combinations can become tacky or cartoony. 

While we need to be careful to avoid tackiness, choosing a bold color can create personality and shows your guests that you are not afraid of the trends that come and go.

Although you won’t create a timeless kitchen, it does show that you can afford to make the switch to keep up-to-date with today’s trends and fashion designs.


The right materials are most likely the main thing that elevates a regular kitchen to a high-end kitchen.

If you are working with a budget, the materials are the one place you can bend the rules a little if your main desire is to create a luxurious atmosphere. 

This includes the material of your appliances.

It goes without saying that every appliance should match to create a cohesive look.

However, that is not necessarily enough.

Your appliance should be durable and scream luxury.

Additionally, they should be easy to clean.

If you plan to use your kitchen on the regular, the surfaces should remain clean.

No matter how expensive your kitchen is, if it is dirty, the entire kitchen will feel old and lose its grandeur.

High-End Kitchen Ideas

So apart from design, what makes a kitchen high-end? 

First off, in today’s world, high-tech appliances are the first step to a high-end and up-to-date kitchen.

Think of adding touchless faucets, instant boiling water tap, or a smart refrigerator to your kitchen. 

Another popular trend in high-end kitchens is to purchase commercial appliances.

A commercial gas range with six burners can elevate the kitchen immediately.

Additionally, a beautiful large stainless steel fridge can become a staple in a modern kitchen. 

Marble countertops, custom design backsplash, and beautiful kitchen cabinets are all a must in a luxury kitchen.

Additionally, a clutter-free kitchen is a must. 

Clutter can induce stress and anxiety in many households.

It is also the opposite of a sleek, luxurious kitchen.

Calculate enough storage space to make up for the items that normally sit on a counter. 

What to Include in a High-End Kitchen Remodel?

Making sure that the appliances are of high quality and that the materials of your kitchen are as well are great steps.

However, remember that a high-end kitchen also means a customized kitchen.

If you like to host parties and hire a bar-tender, perhaps a dedicated area will give that needed upgrade.

Perhaps creating a coffee and tea bar can also show your friends and family that you mean business.

In short, allow room for customization and designated storage areas for your favorite vices. 

Although too many features can create a crowded look, remember that certain focal points can bring luxury to your kitchen that you would otherwise miss.

While everything needs to work together, a beautiful centerpiece that catches the eye can do wonders to bring up the value of your kitchen. 

Ready to Get Started?

Now that you know what to include in your high-end kitchen remodel, are you ready to get started?

Don’t forget the key items of a luxurious kitchen, such as the right material, plenty of storage space, and a beautiful focal point of your own choosing.

Remember to keep things personal and customize the space to your own needs and desire!

If you are looking for custom home and kitchen renovations in Phoenix, request a consultation today and see how we can make your dreams come true!

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