A grand, luxury kitchen can not only be functional, but if you’re planning to move, you can recoup over 60% of your costs

Planning a luxury kitchen remodel takes much time, and there are tons of decisions to be made in the process.

One of those decisions is options for finishes.

Finishes for kitchens include the color and appearance of your cabinetry, knobs or handles, and faucets. 

Luxury kitchen finishes can make or break your kitchen.

If you’re in the middle of a luxury kitchen remodel and you need help making decisions for finishes, here are 10 you can choose from. 

1. Chrome

A chrome finish might seem very basic but it can be very luxurious as well.

Chrome works with just about any theme that you choose and is very easy to care for.

You’ll also avoid any corrosion, which could lead to your kitchen looking dated and the need to replace certain fixtures. 

2. White

White cabinetry is exquisite and creates an open and airy feeling in your kitchen.

Not only that, but changing decor is easy because nearly every color can be combined with white.

Additionally, the decor that you choose will pop against your white finish. 

White is timeless and classic, so you really can’t go wrong choosing this versatile color.

It pairs beautifully with a marble countertop.

3. Brass

Brass hardware is a wonderful choice for luxury kitchens that are in the industrial or even farmhouse theme.

It offers a natural look and it’s incredibly easy to care for.

As you use it, brass acquires a more authentic look giving it a truly unique and luxurious feel in your kitchen.

4. Ceramic

A ceramic finish looks incredibly luxurious in your kitchen.

Not only that, but it’s durable, versatile, and provides a brilliant aesthetic.

A ceramic finish will last you years to come. 

5. Concrete

Concrete is not just for walking or parking lots, but it belongs in your kitchen.

Because of its strength and ability to be molded into any shape you desire, you can own a unique piece in your kitchen that no one else has.

You may choose to combine concrete with other finishes if you desire. 

6. Black

While you might think that black is too dark and ominous for a kitchen, think again!

Matte black, especially, is in style and provides a gorgeous finish to your hardware that’s easy to clean and care for.

Black also pops spectacularly against a classic white finish, and contrarily, it provides warmth to your kitchen. 

7. Brushed Nickel

If you have a busy household with lots of hands, you might want to consider brushed nickel finishing.

The beauty of brushed nickel lies not only in its look but in the ability to repel fingerprints. 

It also looks inexpensive without breaking the bank!

8. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel appliances and finishes are a must-have in any kitchen remodel project.

Stainless steel is also timeless and fits well with any decor.

Similar to the other finishes, it’s durable, looks amazing, and is even recyclable should you choose to refinish your kitchen again. 

9. Bronze

Bronze is another great choice when it comes to finishes.

It’s similar to brass in warmth, but bronze is more cost-effective and also resists fingerprints.

There are different hues of bronze that you can coordinate into your luxury kitchen.  

10. Gold

If you’re looking for a warm finish with no tones of brass or bronze, then try gold!

It’s the ultimate in luxury finish and makes any kitchen cabinets pop beautifully.

It also brings a nice touch of elegance and subtle extravagance to your kitchen.

Tips for Choosing Finishes

Choosing kitchen finishes is an important step in making sure everything is pulled together for your kitchen remodel.

There are several choices, but what are some key takeaways for making the right choice?

Here are some tips. 

Know what the theme of your kitchen is and have a vision.

Do you want a farmhouse, traditional, modern, or industrial?

Once you know what your vision is, that makes it easier to decide. 

You should also include a color scheme after you land on a theme.

A specific color palette with one to two colors that center around the kitchen will narrow your choice for complementary finishes. 

Don’t forget about lighting.

Lighting is crucial in a kitchen remodel because the kitchen is a busy place.

Having the proper lighting and lighting fixtures can pull all the pieces together, and your lighting fixture could even be a focal point in your kitchen.

Don’t be afraid of contrast.

While color-blocking or going monochrome with your cabinet finishes might look amazing, it’s encouraged to bring some contrast into the scheme.

For example, if you have an all-white kitchen, perhaps you want to bring in darker finishes to make that white stand out. 

Stay simple and don’t overdo it, even when it comes to contrast.

The most simple choices sometimes bring the best and most dramatic changes without bombarding your kitchen with too much color or finish.

You want a look that’s sophisticated, not overdone. 

Are You Ready for Your Luxury Kitchen Remodel?

When you’re getting ready for your luxury kitchen remodel, there’s plenty to think about and consider.

The finishes you choose will only enhance your kitchen more and allow all the pieces to come together to make something truly spectacular. 

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