It is estimated that homeowners in the US spend an average of $10,000 to $20,000 on each remodeling project.

With record numbers of people spending money on their homes during the pandemic, staying in is the new going out. But do you know the options that will really add a touch of flair to your home?

If you need guidance then we are here to help.

Read on as we give five ideas for luxury home remodeling in Paradise Valley AZ.

High-End Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where conversations are had and plans are made.

When selling, it is the area people will focus most of their attention on.

Bigger is definitely better when it comes to this room.

Remodeling a kitchen is one of the most expensive options, as it requires precision carpentry, appliances, electrics, and plumbing.

All of this expenditure will be recouped if you decide to sell the property.

As such, you should go all out and make it the most lavish, luxury upgrade you can. 

Smaller upgrades could include painting, adding tiles, and refacing cabinets.

This may cost you around the $10,000 mark.

Total renovations with new counters, flooring, and cabinets could be around $30,000 and upwards.

The amount you decide to spend is dictated by what you plan to do with the home.

When you will be living in it for a long time, enjoy it and pay the extra.

If you plan to sell you only need aesthetic upgrades and can stick to the lower-end price mark. 

Bathroom Addition

A house can never have enough bathrooms.

As the second most trafficked area in the house, they are a sound investment and will create a fantastic return on investment.

The big question is where to put it. 

Your house will have a lot of areas you could consider as bathroom spaces if you take a close look.

Walk-in wardrobes, smaller rooms, and even alcove spaces can be transformed.

Ideally, creating an ensuite for one of your rooms is the prime location. 

When you cant find an area to build a new one, then a remodel of the old one becomes the next best thing.

Concentrate on the master bathroom itself.

When possible, you may even be able to expand the footprint of the room.

To get a high-end finish, aim to swap out tiles and coverings for natural stone.

Granite, quartz, and marble will all have a luxe appearance.

Match it with quality fittings. 

Add Outdoor Living Areas

Remodeling a home is not just about the inside.

You need to concentrate on the outdoors as well.

With the beautiful Phoenix climate, it would be a travesty not to use it. 

Creating outdoor living areas creates usable square footage within the property.

The idea is to have the inside of the house spill out. 

Do this by creating a deck with seating areas and outdoor cooking spaces. 

When you want real luxury, think about installing a hot tub.

If you do this in the early stages your deck can be designed around the tub itself.

Housing it within a pergola will also allow shade.

Even though the area is outside, give the temperature some consideration.

Ceiling fans in your covering can add some much-needed relief.

For the night, you may want to consider heaters, firepits, and places. 

Replace the Roof

When it comes to a luxury home remodel, the roof is not always an area that immediately springs to mind.

Yet there are a whole host of reasons you should spend money on a roof replacement. 

Depending on the material, a roof will need replacing every 25 to 50 years.

If your roof shows signs of wear and tear, then it may be time to change the whole thing instead of doing a patch-up. 

The boost to your curb appeal will be huge.

There are a whole host of roofing materials and colors, each giving a unique look to the home.

Match it with a repaint and new siding and the whole thing will look extremely fresh. 

Lots of the cooling and heat in a home can also be lost through the roof.

With a replacement, you can get new energy-efficient insulation materials.

In a larger home, this can save on energy used by your HVAC system. 

Installing a Pool

In the heat of Arizona, a pool is the only way to cool off.

The cost of installation is high and you may not add as much value to the home as you think (around 15%) but that is not a reason to be put off.

A pool vastly increases the quality of living for anyone on the property. 

A pool is also a great way to improve your health.

Morning swimming can get the cardiovascular system going, setting you up for the day.

If you have a family you can take a dip together and play before the hustle and bustle of the day. 

Installing a pool is a large task.

However, you don’t have to go all out when you speak with installation experts.

Even a smaller pool is one of the essential luxury home ideas that will add sparkle to your property. 

Combine it with the above outdoor living space to really frame the house.

You can have pool parties and cook-offs at the same time.

Grab a drink, get some BBQ on and enjoy your new living space. 

Luxury Home Remodeling in Paradise Valley AZ

Now you know the options for luxury home remodeling in Paradise Valley AZ, take a look at your own home objectively.

What would really improve your standard of living in the home?

Are there any areas that are being underused that could be overhauled?

Your next stop should be 4 Gen Homes.

We can oversee your luxury remodeling projects or build a custom home for you. 

Contact us here to speak with our expert staff and begin your renovation today. 

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