Homeowners are spending more money on renovations each year.

Everyone wants their home to reflect their personal style, and they also want it to function better in their daily life.

There’s nothing better than coming home to a place that you really love. 

The kitchen is a great place to start making your home more you.

It’s really the heart of the home and makes a huge impact on how the whole house feels. 

But with so many design possibilities, it can be hard to know which direction your kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale should go.

We can help! Check out this guide with the top trends to add to your design!

Bringing in Touches of Luxury

Too often the kitchen becomes a place all about the function.

This focus is so much that it begins to feel very cold and utilitarian.

Those types of spaces don’t generally bring a lot of joy to them. 

Having a kitchen that functions and feels special is a huge trend.

That goal is easily done with little touches of luxury. 

Consider adding a few extra touches to your kitchen renovation, like an ice machine or a bottle sprayer.

Or choose some high-end finishes to make it more unique. 

Mixing Textures and Materials 

A kitchen is a unique space to design because there are so many components that have to be in there.

It’s really not a kitchen without cabinets, counters, and appliances. Those things all have different textures and materials. 

In the past, it’s been popular to match all of those elements for a monochromatic look.

But it’s trendy now to mix things up to add more dimension. 

The backsplash is a great place to add this kind of interest to your space.

Check out options that are complimentary to your other finishes but can stand on their own as well. 

Colors Inspired by the Desert 

Choosing a color palette is one of the most difficult parts of working on your home.

It’s such a major decision that impacts the outcome of the entire design. 

The most popular colors have been the same for many years but things are starting to shift.

Now, homeowners are leaning toward combinations inspired by the local landscape.

Warm tones mixed with soft neutrals will feel right at home here in the desert. 

Focus on the Lighting 

Too often a kitchen design becomes all about those fundamental elements.

And homeowners forget all the details they can add to really bring the space to life. 

The most popular kitchens today are making the lighting one of those key pieces. 

A statement light can come in the form of a well-placed chandelier or a couple of pendants.

The key is finding something that gives you enough light to work but is also distinctive enough to be the focal point. 

Making as Much Storage as Possible

Nothing ruins an amazing kitchen design like clutter.

A full counter is never the way to show off your amazing space.

Today’s kitchens are putting a major emphasis on creating as much storage as possible. 

The kitchen island is no longer just a place for a sink and countertop.

It’s now a workhorse with many extra drawers and cabinets to organize your things.

As you’re designing, think about what you like to have in your kitchen and make sure there’s a place for it! 

Choosing Custom Craftsmanship 

A downfall of many kitchen designs is the quality of work that’s been done.

Homeowners are focusing on high-quality craftsmanship in each area of their design instead of rushing with lower options. 

Working with a custom craftsman means every piece of the design has been cared about.

That extra effort shows in the end result that looks (and is) very luxurious.

And best of all, those things don’t fade fast.

You’ll be enjoying your beautiful kitchen for years and years to come. 

Adding Smart Technology Features  

For years one of the biggest trends in home design has been adding smart technology wherever possible.

Every room has the opportunity for these little luxuries.

But they’re especially helpful in the kitchen. 

Talk with your renovation team about what features you’re considering.

They can help come up with a plan so they all feel seamless instead of an afterthought.

That may mean working them into the installation process or adding an outlet where you know the tech will be.

Preparing your kitchen helps smart technology be available but not intrusive to your design. 

Keeping Things Simple and Modern

It’s very easy to go overboard when designing any room.

There are just so many amazing things that can be added, it’s hard to edit your vision.

The biggest trend in all home design has been a more modern and simple approach. 

These designs feel much calmer and less overwhelming for the brain.

Even better, those special touches stand out more in a simple room. 

Introduce Some Pattern with Wallpaper

On the other hand, patterned wallpaper has made a comeback in recent years.

There’s something really charming about a pattern filling the walls in your space, as long as it’s one that fits the rest of your design choices!

When you’re choosing a wallpaper, be sure to consider how it will look in large scale.

A small sample is very different than an entire wall.

Take your team with this decision so you’re sure you’ll love it for years! 

Trends in Kitchen Remodeling in Scottsdale 

Checking the trends in kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale is the first step toward creating your dream space.

Even when you know what you like, it can be hard to make sure it comes to life how you want it to! 

A renovation team will use their experience to walk you through the process.

Until you get to enjoy your new space.

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Our proven process has helped us build or remodel countless luxury homes in the Phoenix area.

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