When you renovate your house, there are a few things you should keep in mind: design, function, and luxury. However, you should also consider how some upgrades can add value to your Scottsdale, AZ home.

Whether or not you are planning to sell your luxury home soon, it’s wise to prioritize the home renovation projects that add value to your home  . Trust us, you will thank us down the line.

Plus, the upgrades that increase resale value also make your home more luxurious and comfortable to live in. You can still enjoy these upgrades while you live in your home, and when you are ready to list your house, you can get a great amount for it. 

Which home renovations in Scottsdale should you prioritize? Let’s discuss the top luxury upgrades that add the most value to your AZ home.

1. Focus On the Outdoors

The first thing potential homebuyers see is the exterior of your home, and outdoor upgrades can add significant value to your whole property. If you don’t have these luxury elements already, consider adding them:

  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Gathering Space
  • Fireplace
  • Pool
  • Landscaping
  • Garden

Again, these are elements that you will enjoy as a homeowner. However, if you do decide to sell, prospective buyers will love that these elements are already included.

Additionally, these luxurious features will attract the type of buyer that you want. The more move-in ready you can make your home, the faster it will sell. 

2. Add Smart Technology

Adding smart home technology is an easy upgrade that adds convenience to your life and resale value to your home. Start by installing these devices and systems:

  • A security camera system
  • A smart doorbell
  • Smart locks
  • A smart thermostat
  • Automatic water leak detectors

With smart technology, you have more control over your home. You can check your security cameras anywhere from your phone, you can better regulate your energy use, and feel more comfortable in your home. Plus, smart technology is another addition that new homebuyers love to see. 

3. Remodel the Bathrooms

If your home has outdated bathrooms, remodeling them will increase resale value instantly, especially in the primary bathroom. These days, the primary bathroom is expected to be a personal spa-like oasis. 

The ultimate primary bathroom includes a rainfall shower, a deep jacuzzi tub, plenty of storage, a striking vanity, and double sinks. Large double walk-in closets are also an added perk. 

When it comes to materials in the bathroom, choose luxurious countertops that are durable, like quartzite, and new tile floors. Keep the color palette neutral and clean to inspire relaxation. 

4. Upgrade Your Kitchen

An outdated kitchen is the first thing to turn off prospective buyers. Plus, even if you aren’t getting ready to sell your home, you deserve to have a new kitchen with all the modern bells and whistles.

If your home is older, the kitchen probably wasn’t designed for entertaining. Past decades primarily used the kitchen for its function, and entertaining was done in the formal dining room and living room.

However, today, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Newer homes feature open-concept kitchens that spill into the main living area of the home. This allows for more family time and easier entertaining.

If your kitchen is secluded off from the rest of the home, converting it to an open-concept kitchen will drastically increase resale value.

Luxury Kitchen Upgrades

Brand new appliances, fresh paint, new countertops, and a modern backsplash will also make a huge difference in your kitchen.

You should also consider adding these luxury features:

  • Double ovens
  • A pot filler
  • An energy-efficient and quiet dishwasher
  • A smart refrigerator
  • Swing-out cabinets
  • A warming drawer
  • A butcher block
  • Under cabinet lighting

This is your chance to design the kitchen of your dreams. You will enjoy it for several years, and when it is time to sell, you can get more for your home with these features. 

5. Replace the Windows

Potential homebuyers love to see updated windows because they can significantly modernize the exterior of the home. Additionally, newer windows are more energy-efficient, which saves homeowners money.

The money you save on heating and cooling because of your new windows will eventually cover the cost of installation, which means the increase in home value is a complete profit. 

If you live somewhere that is prone to storms, new windows also make potential buyers feel safer. 

6. Refresh the Paint

New paint jobs on the interior and exterior of your house will make major improvements. For your interior, choose soft and neutral colors with a few colorful accents for contrast. 

The most popular interior paint colors in 2021 include:

  • Seafoam green
  • Jewel tones
  • Blush
  • Black
  • Earth tones

For your exterior, a new coat of paint is a great way to make your home look cleaner and more modern. Choose a neutral shade for your exterior and add a pop of color with a freshly painted front door. 

A fresh coat of paint on your shutters also makes a striking statement and adds curb appeal. 

Focus On Luxury for Your Home Renovation

At the end of the day, you should love your home. After all, it’s where you spend most of your time. Adding luxurious touches like a new fire pit or a modern primary bathroom can convert a house into a dream home.

The increased resale value that a home renovation can add to your property is a huge bonus. When you are ready to list your home, it will sell quickly with the upgrades. Plus, you’ll see an amazing return on your investment. 

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