No two people have the exact same dream house, but many of them have features in common.

From open floor plans to ample space to ensuite bathrooms, there are many ways that you can craft luxury in your Arizona home.

luxury remodeling contractor in central Phoenix can help you make your vision into a reality.

With experience and expert tools, it’s easy to create a design that radiates elegance.

Read on to learn some things you should do before you hire contractors to begin your remodeling project.

Set a Budget

Even sophisticated and affluent homeowners need to set a budget for their renovations.

There are several things that you could do with your home, especially if you are remodeling multiple areas.

A “dream” remodeling job could literally cost millions of dollars.

The average home remodel costs anywhere between $20,000 and $100,000.

That is $15-$60 per square foot.

Those looking for a high-end look will probably create a budget that’s on the higher end of the average.

Write down all of your desired upgrades in a Word Doc or on a notepad.

Do some online research regarding how much it costs to renovate the rooms you want to make feel more luxurious.

Check the prices of specific materials and permanent fixtures for each room.

Once you know how much everything will likely cost, you can then start to cut back to ensure that the final project fits within your budget.

Prioritize the Most Important Features

Dream homes aren’t one-size-fits-all.

The amenities that are most important to some people will be trivial to others.

You’ll need to do some introspection and figure out what you value most.

If you have always dreamed of a sunroom and will feel disappointed until you have one, allocate funds for that.

If you enjoy swimming regularly, prioritize the installation of an outdoor heated pool.

If you’re a chef, a spacious kitchen with tons of countertop space might be the priority.

You probably can’t afford everything in one go, but you can always add to your home later.

Don’t forget to prioritize the functional features that every luxury home needs.

Walk-in closets aren’t just important for fun or aesthetic reasons – they provide you with the storage space you need for your well-tailored wardrobe.

Clear-glass shower enclosures are important, as are beautiful and durable countertops.

New furniture and light fixtures are also functional needs for a long-lasting aesthetic.

Plus, they can totally change the vibe of your home and give it a new luxury feel.

Be a dreamer, but stay grounded when deciding what features to prioritize during custom home renovations.

Boost Your Home’s Value

While remodeling, keep amenities that might increase your home’s value in mind.

Updated kitchens, newly renovated bathrooms, and smart-home technology are simple things that can make your house’s value skyrocket.

Adding extra square footage to your home and making the ceilings higher also provide a good return on your investment.

Some value-adding features can save you a lot of money while you’re living in your dream home, too.

Solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity can greatly lower your electric bills.

Those with large windows also won’t need to run their HVAC as much because they’ll have natural temperature regulation with heat from the sunlight.

Set a Timeline With a Luxury Remodeling Contractor in Central Phoenix

At this point, you likely have a basic idea of what you want to renovate.

That means it’s time to talk to professional Phoenix home builders about your plan and vision.

Ask them to talk about modern styles and home remodeling ideas that you may not know about.

Let them show you photos of their recent work and give you interesting information about current trends.

You can adjust your dream home to fit styles that give you inspiration.

This is also your chance to make sure that your plan is realistic, attainable, and feasible for your budget.

An expert will work with you to adapt your ideas if you need to save money.

Sometimes building a specific feature will be impossible, so professionals will help you come up with alternative ideas if you fall into this situation.

After you thoroughly discuss your needs, you’ll create a timeline and hire contractors to operate within it.

You’ll know what times people will be working on your home and can create a personal schedule around that.

You’ll also understand the rough dates that certain parts of the renovations end and get some insight into when you can expect contractors to be finished with their work.

Apply for Permits

Some renovations don’t require any paperwork.

This is usually true for homeowners who are completing simple remodeling jobs.

Interior renovations like painting and flooring changes aren’t going to require Phoenix permits.

However, if you’re making any structural changes to your home, you may need to apply for a permit.

You can do this online by visiting Phoneix’s city website.

You also can easily talk to people at the local planning office or at city hall.

This is essential because additions to homes, plumbing changes, and broad-scale electrical work all could pose an inconvenience to you and your neighbors.

Permits ensure that you won’t be reported for breaking city codes.

You’ll operate within noise ordinances and ensure that you don’t pose a threat to yourself or your neighbors.

Some permit applications require a small fee as well.

You may need to showcase formal renovation plans.

Talk with your luxury remodeling contractor to learn more about the application process (and what the professionals have already done for you).

Rebuild and Renovate

Once you have all the appropriate documentation, it’s time to get started with a luxury remodeling contractor in central Phoenix!

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