The Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction reveals that in 2021, 17.6% of single-family homes built are custom homes.

There is a lot to love about creating a dream home.

Everything you can imagine in your head about your living space is drawn up, and professional builders make it real.

It seems magical, but it isn’t.

When you build on your lot in Arizona, it’s about precision and following step-by-step guidance.

Professionals help homeowners every day get it done with a tried-and-true strategy.

Get to know the basics, and you are ready to embark on an exciting journey!

Here is how you begin constructing a custom home from the ground up.

Before Breaking Ground

Building on a lot could be a once-in-a-lifetime endeavor.

You are essentially getting one chance to create your dream house.

Therefore, start your project by asking, “Why?”

Consider why you are constructing a dream home in Arizona: your reason is unique to others who wish to build a custom home.

For instance, some people are investing.

They want to develop and sell.

You could be building your home for a peaceful and enjoyable family life.

Do you have young kids or teenagers who will live there?

The contractors will build a foundation first, but you are making your foundation, too, when you ask why. 

Create a Dream House Brief

In this document, you include your critical requirements.

What are your “must-haves?”

This can consist of how many bathrooms, bedrooms, a basement, an attic, laundry details, etc.

The brief will help an architect design the plans.

There should be basic information about the rooms, including sizes.

Next, how do you want the layout of the rooms to be?

How will the building structure flow?

You want to create a design plan that matches your lifestyle.

A common reason homeowners sell their property and buy a new one is that they fave a growing family.

With a custom home, you can plan for the future without uprooting your family as things change. 

Architectural Style

This is another portion to include in your brief.

Do you wish for a dream home that is contemporary looking, or do you prefer traditional?

Further, what do you want the landscape to look like, and do you want to see it from a bedroom window?

Energy Efficiency

This will be included in the heating strategy of your briefing.

However, if you want to heat your home, you should choose something with low energy to keep down utility costs.

Renewable energy is a brilliant way to heat your home.

Not only that but energy efficiency help when you want to sell.

A custom home that is energy-efficient-rate will sell for 2.7% more than an unrated home. 

A house that is better rated could sell for 3% to 5% more.

Consider the Positioning and Exposure

This will sync with the layout of your dream house.

Creating a custom home is an exceptional opportunity to position the structure as you want it.

For instance, you decide where you want the natural light to come during the morning and evening hours.

You can do that if you desire ample light to enter an office area early in the day.

Also, if there are rooms where you want to limit the amount of natural light, like a kitchen, you can do that too.

Arizona can offer incredible views from the windows of your dream house.

Maybe that is why ABC News is declaring a boom in new home construction in Arizona.

RL Brown Housing Reports says that 22,222 new home permits for the Phoenix Metro area were approved in 2022.

If you want to look out the window of your Arizona custom home and enjoy the state’s landscape, you decide which room you want to see it from!

Custom Options

A knowledgeable builder will give you many options for creating a dream home, from custom knobs and locks to new appliances and improving safety and comfort.

There are many ways to personalize your custom home.

Enjoy adding your tastes and personal touches to the finished design.

Set a Budget

This will make a tremendous impact on the results.

It would help to be transparent with the company building your home because how much you can spend affects the design.

Set your budget accurately and let the architect know, too. 

Communication Is Key

Even an expert is not a mind reader.

Avoid mistakes by consulting with your team of experts and being clear about what you want.

Explain your thoughts in full detail.

Open lines of communication will ensure a smooth process free from stress.

Hire a Professional

You do not need to be a construction expert when building your home, but you do need a partner who is.

From start to finish, you want to hire experts who will guide you through the process.

Employ a professional architect, interior designer, and construction company you can trust, with verifiable work and an impeccable reputation.

How to Build on Your Lot in Arizona

This is an exciting opportunity without the luxury of a do-over, so you want to build on your lot in Arizona right the first time.

4 Gen Homes can help make your dream home a reality with their luxury custom home-building services.

From choosing the best Arizona lot to the architectural features and floor plan to construction, 4 Gen Homes have passion, experience, and proven results.

We know how you feel and will walk you through the process with an exceptional work ethic. 

Contact 4 Gen Homes today and talk about your dream home.

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