So, you’ve decided to buy land and build a home in Arizona. Well, then, you’re in for an exciting adventure. 

However, this means that you’ve already taken the one and only easy step in this entire process.

Moving forward, there’s a lot you must know before you start throwing money around at landowners and contractors.

Firstly, choosing the perfect lot and securing the land you need is a significant process all on its own.

You also need to decide what sort of home design/architectural features you’re going for. And don’t forget about budgeting/monitoring this project.

If you’re starting to get overwhelmed, don’t worry. We’re about to teach you everything you need to know with this custom home building checklist.

Prepare for yourself by reading this guide.

1. Choosing and Securing Land

There are some legal channels and investment precautions you must consider when choosing a lot and buying land in Arizona. Take these steps before you sign anything.

1.  View the Public Report

Ask the seller to show you the Arizona Department of Real Estate Disclosure Report. This informs you about:

  • Property owners association status
  • Tax and assessment information
  • Utility providers
  • Nearby facilities and services (hospitals, schools, public transportation)
  • Details concerning adjacent land
  • Flooding/drainage details
  • Assurances that improvements will be completed

This is a legal requirement for lots smaller than 160 acres with more than five parcels. So, don’t skip this step.

2. Arizona Department of Water Resources Report

Also, ask the seller for the property report from the Arizona Department of Water Resources.

Through this, you can see if the property is within a Groundwater Active Management Area.

If it isn’t, you’ll need to install a well.

3. Cancellation Policies

Once you inspect the land and sign for it, you may still rescind the purchase within 7 days for any reason.

If you haven’t inspected the land before purchasing, you have 6 months in which to do so.

You may then, if you wish, rescind the purchase at the time of the inspection.

2. Pre-Construction Planning

Next, you need to plan for the process of home construction. Here are the steps you need to take.

1. Choose a Budget

Before you even design your home, you should choose a maximum budget. Then, work backwards from there.

As you add potential features, materials, and contractors to your home design, calculate how much they cost. Things to keep in mind include:

  • The purchase price of the lot
  • Taxes and fees
  • The cost of materials
  • Engineering/architectural design fees
  • Construction contractor fees
  • Landscaping costs
  • Lawyer fees
  • Extra “just-in-case” money

Subtract these amounts from your maximum amount you wish to spend to make sure they fit within your budget.

2. Plan a Timeline

Expect the construction to take a year or two, especially with the current state of the market.

Aside from this generality, you should give yourself a clear goal/timeline to shoot for.

This keeps the construction moving and minimizes delays.

Consider how the local weather will impact construction.

Also, think about any deadlines that must be met and make sure you have enough time before you begin construction.

3. Make It Bigger

Making the house “just big enough” is a very common home building mistake.

What if a family member suddenly needs to move in with you.

Also, an unexpected pregnancy during construction might require an additional bedroom.

The bottom line is, always design the house bigger than you need it to be right now.

4. Plan For Energy-Efficiency

It’s easier to add energy-efficient features now rather than later.

Plus, this helps you recoup building costs once the home is completed.

3. Hiring Contractors

With your design in mind, it’s time to start hiring contractors. The most important are the architect, the construction team, and the designer.


The architect draws up the plans for your dream home. He/she organizes the layout and ensures proper placement of wiring, plumbing, etc.

This contractor also incorporates any additional features you want the home to have.

Construction Team

The construction team builds your home in exact accordance with the architect’s design.

This team will work with your architect to correct any flaws/conflicts in the original design.


The designer plans what the inside of the house will look like once it’s built.

This is important because the team that’s building your home is primarily concerned with structure and code adherence, not aesthetics.

So, your designer steps in to polish up the interior with some attractive finishing touches.

Landscape Design Team

While the three roles above handle the building of your home, the landscaping team develops the rest of your property.

In this respect, landscapers are essentially the architect, designer, and construction team combined. 

This is especially important for adding outside features such as a well or a septic tank.


Every aspect of building your house could become a worst-case scenario.

Having a lawyer at your disposal allows you to smooth out these inevitable conflicts when (or before) they happen.

4. Buying Materials

Choosing materials for your home is somewhat easy, actually.

You see, the materials largely determine both the longevity of your various home features and the cost of construction.

All you need to do is find the balance between the two.

5. Monitoring the Building Process

Monitoring the construction is also very straightforward.

First, make sure that all workers have the proper permits and liability insurance.

Then, have a property inspector and your lawyer perform periodic inspections to make sure everything is proceeding as it should.

Buy Land and Build a Home in Arizona

You now possess all the knowledge you need to buy land and build a home in Arizona.

Keep this checklist handy and follow these steps to create the home of your dreams.

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