According to the Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction, over 20% of homes were custom-built for their owners.

With more and more people using a custom home builder to build a house, it’s even more important to be aware of mistakes to avoid when hiring a custom home building company to execute on your project. 

Ready to learn about the most common mistakes individuals make when hiring a luxury custom home builder in Paradise Valley?

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Choosing a Builder With No References

One of the worst things you can do when hiring a professional company to build a house is choosing a builder that doesn’t have any references.

Even if a builder has limited references, it should be a warning sign. 

Custom home builders connect their prospects with references from past projects to share unbiased information about what it’s like to work with the builder.  

Not only do references allow you to learn about the types of projects the builder has completed in the past, but it also allows you to find out how important customer service is and how well they collaborate and communicated throughout the project. 

Do not hesitate to ask your potential builder about references and past clients!

If they are unable to provide you with enough references there is a good chance they may not have done quality work, or have good relationships with past customers. 

Not Emphasizing Communication Skills

Another common mistake that people make when hiring a builder is choosing a builder with poor communication skills. 

Building a custom house is a long process that has many different moving parts.

Because things are constantly changing, you want to hire a builder that will keep you in the loop and answer any questions that you have. 

While home builders are busy and may not be able to answer your questions immediately, you want to make sure they value your input enough to return your messages and help you feel comfortable. 

If your builder doesn’t prioritize good communication skills, you will likely be stressed and frustrated throughout the entire process of building your home. 

Ignoring The Style of The Builder

Next, you want to make sure that you do not ignore the style of the builder you choose. While many builders are able to create different styles of homes, they often stick to a similar style. 

If you have a vision for what style you want your custom home to be, you want to make sure you hire a builder that can make your vision a reality! One way you can learn more about the style of the builder is by checking their online portfolio

This will show you examples of homes they have built in the past and will allow you to see the style of homes that they build. If these styles do not match what you want, it is best to find a builder with a different style. 

Going for the Lowest Price

One huge mistake that many people make when building a custom home is going for a builder that offers the lowest price. While building a home is expensive, it is an investment. 

When you choose a low price over the quality of your home, you will likely lose money in the long run. For example, many builders advertise low prices and then reveal hidden fees when you sign a contract. Or, they offer low prices because they use low-quality building materials that will wear out much more quickly. 

To make sure your house is sturdy and high-quality, you want to make sure you find a builder that emphasizes quality over price. 

Not Checking Credentials

When you hire a home builder, you want to make sure they have the right credentials. While many builders have differing levels of education, certifications, and training, you want to make sure you find someone that is well trained!

Make sure your builder is a licensed contractor and has enough past experience in construction. 

To become a home contractor, your builder needs to obtain a contractor’s license. The requirements in each state will differ, so make sure you learn more about what training and certification your home builder received!

Ignoring Bad Reviews

While many people look at online reviews when finding a company to work with, they may only look at the good reviews. While some bad reviews are exaggerated and try to make a company look bad, there are others that show the quality of the company. 

You want to make sure you read both good and bad reviews to get an average feel of the company. These reviews will help you choose a reliable company to do business with!

Not Getting A Good Warranty

Getting a good warranty is vital when you are building a home. As mentioned before, some builders do not use high-quality materials and things can wear out and break quickly. 

To make sure you are not left with a damaged home that isn’t covered, you want to get a long enough warranty. Make sure your warranty covers at least two or three years. Otherwise, cheap items that were installed may break and require expensive replacements. 

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