In 2023, the home interior designer industry is a $24.1 billion market.

Homeowners are particular about all the little details on their property, especially people that own luxury homes. 

If you’re interested in the help of a professional that can help you both with your interior fixtures and your landscape, it’s important to also understand the design styles that a pro can assist you with.  

These tips will assist you when you’re exploring options for hiring a Paradise Valley luxury home builder and exploring design styles.  

Consider High-Tech, Spacious Kitchens

If you appreciate luxury living, a lot of it begins with the kitchen. 

Many companies today specialize in high-end kitchen upgrades that can make your home look brand new.

There are some home design ideas you can try out that will help you make the most of your kitchen space and infrastructure. 

Technology and luxury go hand in hand right now, particularly with homeowners that love automation and eco-friendliness.

Mix elegance with new technology by getting some decorative LED light fixtures. 

Infrared power sinks save you money and reduce contamination in your kitchen.

Luxury homeowners prefer to make a big statement with an elegantly-designed kitchen island that is big on storage and flow.

Consider using two-tone paint colors to give the luxury kitchen a fresh, timeless look.  

Bathrooms That Are Elegant and Earthy

When building luxury homes, make sure that you knock your master bathroom and any guest bathrooms out of the park. 

Consider some luxury bathroom features that’ll make your dream home a reality. 

Add fixtures like waterfall showers, jetted tubs, and flat screens, and even a fireplace in your bathroom to give it a luxurious experience. 

Make the bathroom elegant, using earthy tones and allowing in some natural light whenever possible.  

Revamp Your Outdoor Seating Areas

Don’t forget about your outdoor areas when you’re trying to do what’s best for your luxury home.

Many builders specialize in both interior and exterior designs. 

This means that they can provide you with an outdoor seating area that features a fire pit, pizza oven, light torches, and any other fixtures that you think will make it one-of-a-kind.

You can do this as part of a patio, garden nook, deck, and any other outdoor seating area you’re considering. 

It makes your landscape more decorative and useful, and allows you more places to entertain company when they come over.

Consider installing some brick or stone pavers to create a walkway to your outdoor oasis.  

Make Use of Natural Light

Always add more natural lighting to your luxury home.

It brightens up the space with a warm glow, while also lowering your utility bills every month. 

You can go with large shop windows, bay windows, skylights, and wide open designs that take full advantage of the sunshine.

Fit any of these fixtures into your home renovation budget and you will appreciate the results.  

Hire a Paradise Valley Luxury Home Builder

Take the time to find a Paradise Valley luxury home builder that can put all of these design tips together for you.  

If you’re looking for a company that can work with your home remodeling budget, 4 Gen Homes is happy to help.

Use our contact form to get in touch with us, or call (602) 694-7030 for more information. 

Is your house in desperate need of updating? 4 Gen Homes can help you refresh your luxury home with on-point design styles. Our Paradise Valley home builders have been helping homeowners with custom designs in the valley for 20+ years.  Contact us to set up a consultation. Call (602) 694-7030 today!

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