Custom home building is taking off in popularity.

So much so to where home builders outperformed the rest of the market in 2020, during the middle of the pandemic.

There are many reasons why more people are choosing a custom home.

For one, your house will be exactly the way you want it. You also have lots of control during the design and building process.

However, building a luxury home is a massive investment.

That’s why you’ll need to hire the best professional.

Here are some tips when vetting Phoenix custom home builders.

This way, the home builder won’t only design a house with your vision in mind but will be professional every step of the way.


First things first, you’ll want to gauge their experience with new home construction.

And don’t only rely on the length of time they’re been doing this line of work.

Your home builder should have past projects proving they built different types of homes in different areas of Phoenix.

This is important for your particular needs. If your vision is challenging, such as building a home in the desert, you’ll want to find a builder who can navigate any potential issues.

Hiring a home builder with a vast amount of experience ensures they will complete your project with your vision in mind, on time, and within your budget.

Look at Their Portfolio

Now, this point is different in that you’re not looking at the range of their experience, but are looking at their past projects to see if you like their work or if you can find a home that’s comparable with the one you want.

Most home builders offer a portfolio on their website.

If they don’t, reach out to see examples of their work. Some home builders may even take you to one of the homes they worked on.

When looking at their past homes, be sure to pay attention to the detail and craftsmanship.

Who Will Build Your Home?

There’s a chance the home building company will hire subcontractors to work on your new house, or will at least work on some aspects of the home.

Before hiring the company, ask them how they hire their subcontractors and how often they will be used.

Some points to consider are ensuring the subcontractors are reputable, experienced, and also have a portfolio of past work.


Best case scenario, a family member or close friend can refer you to a home builder.

But that’s not always possible. Not only that but reading reviews may not be enough.

You’ll have to talk to a past client to get the best understanding of the builder and the quality of their work.

How do you find this information? Simply ask the builder for a reference.

When you talk to the past client, ask them if the whole process was smooth, how they treated them, and if they would have changed anything.

You’ll also not only want to know if there were any complications but how the home builder resolved them.

Make Sure They’re Local

With the popularity of custom home building, there are more businesses than ever.

But you’ll specifically want to choose a business that only operates in your area.

These companies will not only know how to work within your local area’s conditions but also know any required laws, ensuring you don’t face any liabilities.

How do you find local home building companies? Start by checking with the state contractors board, the Better Business Bureau, or other referral services.


Communication is vital when you build a house.

That’s why you’ll want to know how and when you can communicate with your builder, as well as when they will check-in.

First, know their preferred method of communication.

Though some may prefer phone calls, communication is constantly growing.

That’s why you should also ask if the builder may prefer emailing or texting.

From here, find out their hours of operation and when they will check in with you.

This is information you’ll likely find out during the consultation.

Speaking of the consultation, it’s important to know the company’s terms during your initial meeting.

Is the meeting free? And what will you discuss?

For the most part, the consultation is the time when you’ll express your ideas to the builder.

When you’re explaining your vision, you’ll want to make sure they’re listening attentively.

From here, they should explain the process, taking your ideas into consideration.

Last but not least, the building company should deliver a contract before the process begins.

This will detail the process, procedure, and expected timeline.

Identify Any Red Flags

Before you build a home, make sure they don’t have any complaints.

A great source is one we already mentioned, the Better Business Bureau. But you can also read online reviews to see any past complaints.

But there are common red flags that are easy to miss.

For example, be wary about paying a large deposit immediately.

While some home builders may request a deposit, it shouldn’t be more than half of the project’s expected budget.

Another red flag is asking for you to pay for the materials.

A reputable building company will have these materials on hand or will pay for them.

The cost of the project usually also includes an area for materials, so you shouldn’t have to pay twice.

The budget itself is one to consider. Before consulting with a company, look up the average price of a custom home in your area.

You should be wary of paying too much but also too little.

Sketchy companies reel customers in with “too good to be true” pricing, only to not be reliable during the project’s completion.

Some other red flags to identify include no proof of insurance, an ambiguous bid, unresolved claims, lack of work history, lack of communication, and no references.

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