With more and more people moving to the Phoenix area, don’t expect this market to cool down anytime soon.

Paradise Valley, in particular, has seen a staggering 40% jump in value.

If you’re looking to buy, renovate, or build in Paradise Valley, we’ve rounded up the latest luxury home renovation ideas to help kick off your designs.

Modern luxury homes of the future will have amazing entertainment, family, work, and play spaces.

From the latest luxury home décor to what’s trending in luxury design, think of this as your go-to inspiration guide.

Let’s jump in and see which ideas speak to you.

Indoor Outdoor Living

Living in Arizona, there’s no better climate to maximize outdoor living. In luxury homes, this concept is even grander.

Picture outdoor living rooms, kitchens, and entertainment spaces that easily flow from the outside in.

You can enjoy plenty of shade, fans, and cool breezes while maximizing the near-perfect temperatures all year round.

A pool house, for example, will be a place for more than just storing noodles and pool floats. These rooms will feature bars, extra sleeping rooms, outdoor showers, and more.

With everything going on in the world, outdoor space is more important than ever.

It can almost double your livable square footage giving you plenty of space to entertain and hang out with family and friends.

Incredible outdoor living spaces are a luxury design trend that’s here to stay. Check out our portfolio for some beautiful outdoor inspiration.

Smart Home Technology

While smart home technology has been around for a while, the possibilities are almost endless in a luxury home.

Even appliances are now coming equipped with smart technology.

You’ll see refrigerators that tell you when you’re out of milk or faucets that turn on and off with the wave of a hand.

Technology is getting smarter, and the home is a great place to incorporate the latest tech. Life is busy enough. Home should be a place that makes your life easier.

Luxury homes will see smarter appliances, more energy-efficient technology, and gadgets that make life simpler.

From charging stations to speakers, security, appliances, and fixtures, outfitting your home with the latest technology is a design trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Luxurious and Practical Solutions for Everyday Life

When you custom build a luxury home this is your chance to create the home of your dreams.

Make your life simpler with luxurious and practical solutions in every room of the home.

In luxury homes, you’ll see more function in every square inch.

Consider adding multiple refrigerators, for example, or multiple dishwashers.

Wet bars in bedrooms, workout spaces, outdoors, and in family rooms are becoming a luxury staple.

Picture being able to enjoy coffee and water in your bedroom as you work out or get ready for the day.

While upstairs laundry rooms have become increasingly popular, luxury homes of the future will take this to another level.

Consider a laundry room upstairs for the family, downstairs for pool and gym towels, and upstairs in the primary suite for your own private use.

Building a luxury home gives you the opportunity to create the spaces you and your family need.

Add a pantry the size of a small bedroom to feed your growing kids or add that third dishwasher outside to make entertaining easier.

Luxury homes will see some great designs and features that make everyday life easier.

Luxury Workspaces

With more people working from home, it’s not surprising that luxury homes are featuring some pretty impressive workspaces.

A home office is more than just a place to take calls at home. You want a workspace that feels inviting and comfortable.

Treat yourself to a luxury home office. Think outdoor patios, standing desks, meeting areas, seating to relax in, and places to hold virtual calls.

Give yourself a comfortable place that you’re excited to work in.

Luxury home offices of the future are places that inspire.

You’re excited to start the workday, invite clients over, or host a virtual meeting.

Give yourself space to work, relax, spread out, and recharge without ever needing to leave your house.

At-Home Entertainment

At-home entertainment areas are becoming even more popular.

In a luxury home, you have the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind entertainment spaces.

Give yourself and your family a place to enjoy together and with family and friends.

Luxury homes are seeing more spaces for spreading out and having fun.

Think elevated home theaters, billiards rooms, amazing pools, home bars, and dining space for all your favorite people.

In Arizona, you also have the added luxury of utilizing outdoor space for hanging out with friends, hosting a party, and keeping little ones busy.

Luxury homes are seeing more spaces for the whole family to enjoy.

Give yourself the home gym, gaming room, art studio, or home theater you’ve always wanted.

Luxury homes will feature more spaces for at-home entertainment.

Be the home your kids can’t wait to bring their friends over to.

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