Is your old, outdated kitchen making your entire home appear aged?

Kitchen remodeling projects are among the most popular home improvement projects.

However, 80% of homeowners went over their initial budget by at least $500.

Before beginning a full kitchen renovation in Phoenix, Arizona, draft a plan.

With this checklist, you can stick to your budget and timeline.

Plan your kitchen renovation today! 

Outline Project Expectations

Planning ahead will ensure your kitchen remodeling project remains on track.

A thorough plan should include:

  • Gathering inspiration
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Creating a budget
  • Researching and hiring a contractor
  • Measuring your space
  • Ordering samples
  • Applying for building permits
  • Establishing a temporary kitchen
  • Packing up your kitchen
  • Construction

Your outline should include time estimates for each phase of the project.

For example, shopping and ordering products could take as long as two months.

Construction could take a week to a few months.

During this planning stage, create a wish list. Establish a foundation for your design.

You’ll have an easier time communicating your needs to a contractor.

Organize your ideas by priority, from “must-have” items to “dream” renovations.

This can help you remain on budget.

Many projects get delayed because homeowners don’t know what they want.

Consider creating Pinterest boards and exploring design trends.

Gather photos, research products, and consider how you want to function in your renovated kitchen. 

Establish a Budget

A kitchen remodeling budget isn’t static.

Unexpected repairs may pop up during the project.

Establish a “soft” spending plan first.

As you continue planning your kitchen renovation project, you may need to make adjustments.

Don’t spend over 15% of your home’s value. Consider:

  • Setting aside 20% of the budget for unplanned repairs
  • Budgeting 20% for appliances
  • Portioning 20% for the cost of labor
  • Setting aside 70% for materials

Work with an experienced kitchen project planner.

Leverage their experience and expertise to establish a more precise budget.

Identify Problems

Determine what in our kitchen needs updating.

Updates can range from cosmetic touch-ups to full replacements.

You may consider new cabinets, appliances, backsplash, countertops, or flooring.

Ask yourself:

  • Do appliances need to move?
  • Is the floor in good condition?
  • Are the cabinets outdated?
  • Should we remove walls to open up the room?
  • Are the walls load-bearing?
  • Are all electrical systems in good shape?
  • Is the plumbing in good shape?
  • Should we add a kitchen island?

Don’t go the DIY route if you need to remove walls or update the electrical and plumbing systems.

Instead, leave these processes to the professionals. 

Consider Project Materials

Once you determine what needs updating, look into specific appliances and project materials.

Gather backup options for each selection.

Start with the cabinets.

These have the longest lead time.

Choose appliances and brands.

Explore different styles, including glossy, stainless steel, matte, or slate.

Match the color of the sink to other design choices.

When choosing a sink, consider:

  • Single-, double-, or farmhouse bowls
  • Granite composite, stainless steel, or fireclay
  • Under- or top-mount

Do your countertops need updating?

Consider granite, quartz, or marble.

Discuss options with your kitchen project planner or contractor.

Don’t forget the floors.

If your budget is a concern, vinyl is the least expensive.

Tile is beautiful but more costly.

For match and flow into adjacent rooms, consider solid hardwood instead.

Laminate is scratch-resistant if you’re worried about wear.

Consult an experienced kitchen project planner for help making these decisions.

Leveraging their expertise can save you time and money. 

Hire Kitchen Remodeling Experts

For an efficient kitchen renovation project, don’t go the do-it-yourself route.

An experienced remodeling company can bring your vision to life. 

Only 34% of homeowners hired a professional for their kitchen remodeling project.

Failing to hire kitchen remodeling experts can lead to costly mistakes.

You may find yourself without a working kitchen for longer than expected.

Hire kitchen remodeling experts as early in the process as possible.

Start by gathering referrals.

Talk to friends who have completed kitchen renovation projects in the past year.

Ask if you can visit their home and review the contractor’s work.

Determine if it meets your expectations.

If you can’t gather personal referrals, start your search online.

Look for a remodeling company with years of local experience.

Make sure they’re licensed and insured.

Read online client reviews and explore photos from their recent projects.

Learn about their commitment to quality and safety.

Learn more about each company’s processes.

Choose a company that is efficient.

They’ll complete your kitchen remodeling project on schedule and on budget.

Call three Phoenix businesses to ask any questions you couldn’t answer through online research.

Ask for an estimate from each company.

Get all quotes in writing.

Be clear about your needs and expectations.

Review each contract to check for hidden fees.

Choose a company you can trust in your home.

Before they start, specify which areas of your home are open versus off-limits.

Inform your neighbors before construction begins.  

Create a Temporary Kitchen

Before finalizing your plans, anticipate life without a functioning kitchen for a few months.

Consider setting up a temporary kitchen in your garage or enclosed porch.

You can purchase a portable sink at a hardware store.

Consider repurposing a dresser for storing dishes, utensils, and small appliances. 

Determine where you’ll eat.

Explore cooking alternatives, such as an outdoor grill.

Use disposable dinnerware to cut down on cleaning. 

Since a kitchen remodel will disrupt your home, consider your family’s schedule.

Choose a time when you’re least busy or reliant on your kitchen.

For example, if you usually host during the holidays, avoid remodeling during the winter.

Scheduling your remodel during the spring or summer makes grilling outside easier. 

Talk to your kitchen project planner.

They can give you a more accurate timeline.  

Plan a Full Kitchen Renovation Phoenix, Arizona

Planning a full kitchen renovation in Phoenix, Arizona doesn’t have to feel stressful. Instead, use these tips to remain organized and on budget.

Rely on experienced kitchen remodeling experts to simplify the process.

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