We’ve all read the reports. Kitchen and bathroom remodels boost home values upwards of 80 to 90%.

But, let’s not forget some of the other additions that pack major punches, including walk-in closets, outdoor kitchens, and wellness rooms.

Having the ability to create an entirely new living space that offers ample seating and a short walk to a spa is worth more than any resale value, though. 

It’s worth its weight in gold when you consider the new memories you’ll frame and the meaningful hours you’ll spend with loved ones. 

Together, let’s dream up one-of-a-kind blueprints as we explore six luxury home remodeling ideas. The dividends will pay themselves forward for years to come. 

1. Kitchen

The best luxury home remodeling plans start in the heart of the home. You might start with some new appliances. 


Then, where possible, it would also be nice to open up the space and add in a new island for everyone to gather around. 


Anyone dealing in kitchen renovation in Scottsdale and beyond will tell you how fun it is to pick out new tile for a backsplash.

Whether you keep it classic and clean with white subway tile or venture into herringbone, you can create a space that’s stamped with your style.


New cabinetry will undoubtedly create a new space.

Depending on your style, you might opt for clean, open shelving and a new grain of wood. Or, a nice mid-century kitchen might boast an eclectic coat of emerald green paint and brass hardware. 


While you’re revamping the cabinets, this is also a wonderful time to assess the countertops.

If you’ve ever dreamed in shades of creamy marble or statement-making granite, this is the ideal time to make sure everything pairs together nicely. 


While you’re pairing cabinets and countertops, don’t forget the floors. Hardwood flooring is, of course, the creme de la creme.

But, in a kitchen setting, you might also opt for glazed ceramic tile. It all depends on which material will live up to your unique style. 

2. Outdoor Kitchen

If there’s one thing luxury home builders in Arizona know, it’s outdoor kitchens. Why not enjoy all that cool desert air with a wonderful extension of your home? 

With the addition of another range, refrigerator, fireplace, and ceiling fan, the only thing left is to fill the fridge with delectable delights and a variety of vintages. 

This is your chance to have another central space with ample (and cozy) seating, gorgeous lighting, and enough food and drink to craft memorable evenings under the stars. 

3. Inground Swimming Pool

Remodeling a luxury home always includes attention to detail in the outdoor spaces.

Plan for a future where you can invite company to move – cocktails in hand – from the outdoor kitchen to the swimming pool and spa. All they’ll have to do is skirt around your gorgeous, billowing fireplace. 

Therein, friends and family can relax by the pool, dip their toes in the water, listen to the sounds of a waterfall, or luxuriate in a hot tub. 

Whether the stars are out or the sun is shining, this is an idyllic way to set the mood and create magnificent moments in time. 

4. Custom Closet

For all the hosting you’re about to do, you’ll need a proper place to prepare for the evening’s festivities. 

This should be a sacred, organized space to gather your thoughts (and your favorite outfits) in peace. 

It will require custom shelving to fit the space, a small seating area, and ample storage. This is the place to store everything from sunglasses, to jewels, to handbags and clothes. 

There needs to be room for folded clothes – like cashmere sweaters and scarves – and hanging clothes – like dresses and suits.

Then, there’s all the fun that comes when selecting wallpaper designs, knobs, lighting, carpeting, and mirrors. Indeed, a custom walk-in closet swiftly becomes an organized soul’s favorite room in the house. 

5. Bathroom and Spa

After the kitchen, the bathroom is a list-topper for luxury home remodeling ideas. Paradise Valley home builders are masters at creating luxurious spaces with ample natural light and perfectly appointed amenities.

Soaking Tub

Now’s the time for the gorgeous soaking tub of your dreams. Beyond that, this is your opportunity for shimmering glass doors on your walk-in shower and a plethora of rainfall showerheads. 

Bidet Toilet

If you’re able to invest in a luxurious spa, then you might also look into a bidet toilet. It combines a toilet and bidet in two, along with heated seats, self-flushing features, and an array of other bells and whistles. 

But, in the name of keeping things clean and comfortable, these are welcome additions for families in the market for Phoenix custom home services. 

Heated Floors

If the budget will allow, heated floors and towel racks make all the difference on cool desert nights. 


And, if you thought choosing tile for your kitchen backsplash sounds exhilarating, wait until you start dealing in shower tile. It’s a bit like selecting artwork for one of the most calming rooms in the house.

Dual Vanities

When it comes to vanities, there are a wealth of options here, too. If you’re looking for clean lines in your luxury home remodeling services, then a floating vanity is certainly a wonderful option. 

Keep in mind storage and organization needs during this time. Lighting is also of utmost importance. A backlit mirror will do wonders for the complexion. 

6. Yoga and Massage Room

A home gym is one thing. But, a dedicated yoga and massage room is a dedicated space for healing and revival. 

Home designers often refer to these as wellness rooms. The goal here is to lay out yoga mats, set up comfortable chairs, and add in soft throw blankets. 

People often opt for small refrigerators for refreshment and large screens to Zoom into the latest yoga class. These are sacred retreats for healing and a lifelong practice of yoga. 

The Finest Luxury Home Remodeling for You

Now more than ever, in a post-pandemic world where people are sticking close to home, it’s important to create a sacred space with comfort and room to grow. 

Luxury home remodeling can turn any existing space into a dream space. Indeed, you don’t have to relocate to achieve the home of your dreams. 

Here at 4 Gen Homes, we take pride in each and every luxury renovation we undertake. If you live in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, or Paradise Valley area, we’re here for you! 

The home remodeling process really can be a joy. Request a free consultation today. Together, we’ll build your castle in the sky, too. 

Are you looking for a trusted, experienced luxury remodel company in Scottsdale, AZ? 4 Gen Homes has been serving valley home owners for over 20 years.  Contact us to set up a free consultation! Call (602) 694-7030 today!

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