2023 has been a tumultuous year for the housing market.

With rising mortgage rates and low inventory, fewer homeowners are prepared to sell and upsize.

However, increasing home equity makes it the perfect time to turn your current house into your dream luxury home.

In fact, investing in luxury home remodels can eliminate the need to settle for a home that meets only a handful of your must-haves.

With the expertise of our 4 Gen Homes team, you can bring your vision to life.

The question is, what does this process look like?

Read on for our guide to approaching your Arizona luxury remodeling project the right way.

Selecting Your Luxury Home Remodeler

There are some key differences between a typical home remodeler and a luxury home remodeler.

While the former can often complete minor upgrades on a tight budget, the latter works with high-end materials to complete large-scale renovations that may include significant structural changes.

If you’re looking for elegance, timelessness, and lasting quality, it’s important to seek out a home remodeler with luxury real estate experience.

The Importance of Local Experience

Because luxury home remodels do often include structural changes or home additions, it’s important to work with a remodeler with state and local experience, as well.

These kinds of renovations typically require approval from your local government.

A professional remodeler with local expertise will acquire all necessary permits and won’t steer you toward a design plan that violates residential building codes.

Why 4 Gen Homes?

4 Gen Homes has over two decades of luxury real estate experience.

In addition to luxury home remodels, we complete residential luxury custom home build projects.

We have created luxury homes from the ground up and can navigate remodeling projects with ease.

Let’s take a look at the steps of a luxury home remodel.

Step-by-Step Luxury Home Remodels Done Right

You have an idea of what your dream home would look like, whether that includes additional bedrooms, a finished basement, a kitchen upgrade, or a spa-like primary bath.

Maybe your vision includes a full home makeover from end to end.

No matter your end goal, we apply our expertise and proven process to make it come to life. 

Investigating Your Home’s Condition

During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss the changes that you have in mind.

In order to give you an accurate estimate, we will then need to conduct an inspection of your home’s current condition to determine the level of work and new materials your remodel requires.

During this inspection, we’re looking at your home’s layout with a focus on any areas that will fall under the renovation project.

We take into account any potential hurdles (e.g., foundation instability or obstructive gas lines) that will impact the project.

Not only does this investigation provide a more accurate estimate but it also allows us to proceed with safety and timeliness in mind.

Determining What Can Stay

As we investigate your home’s condition, we’re also assessing what structural elements can stay.

For example, while homeowners may not love the aesthetic of an older property, the existing structure may be strong enough that it won’t need extensive work to support the remodel.

That said, we prioritize high-quality materials and may need to replace elements that aren’t built to last much longer.

At 4 Gen Homes, we want to take your budget to its full potential.

That means knowing what doesn’t need work and would be both a waste of time and money to replace.

By cutting unnecessary spending, you can invest more in the materials and features you’d love to have.

Turning Your Vision Into a Conceptual Design

How can you go from inspiration and a list of must-have features to a functional design?

Our team at 4 Gen Homes includes experienced architects and interior designers to bridge that gap. 

During this collaborative process, we’re always open to your feedback.

If the design we present doesn’t meet all of your expectations, we’ll continue to alter it until it does.

We won’t break ground until we have rendered a design that meets all city requirements, accounts for all structural hurdles, and aligns perfectly with your vision. 

Acquiring Luxury Materials

When you think of luxury homes, you might think of the overall aesthetic: gorgeous natural light, timeless natural stone, rich color schemes, and a preciseness of detail.

While all of these elements contribute to the luxury look, quality materials are the cornerstone of luxury design.

This is what separates subpar contractors from the experts.

The right materials will last in your particular climate.

Because we face such high temperatures in Arizona, it’s crucial that your materials won’t warp or fade under the pressure of heat.

We won’t compromise on quality or cut corners to achieve your design.

Remodeling on a Managed Schedule

When you’re starting a major home renovation, you deserve to know what to expect.

We understand how disruptive remodels can be, especially when you aren’t kept in the loop.

We practice complete transparency when it comes to the timeline of construction.

From the removal of old materials and demolition to the addition of new materials and construction, you’ll know what to expect.

Efficiency is important to us, especially when we’ve broken ground on your remodel.

Because we do a thorough inspection on the front end, we’re less likely to encounter unexpected issues that can lead to delays.

Depending on the size of your renovation, you could be enjoying your updated and luxurious home in a matter of weeks. 

4 Gen Homes Is Here to Complete Your Arizona Remodels

The housing market is making it harder than ever for home buyers to find and purchase their dream home.

However, many Arizona homeowners are in the perfect position to invest in luxury home remodels.

By taking a remodel into your own hands, you can create the exact upgrades you have in mind.

4 Gen Homes is proud to serve the luxury home real estate market in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and surrounding areas.

With over 22 years of experience and an extensive portfolio, we are one of the most trusted luxury home builders in the state. Contact us to learn more about how we can bring your vision to life.

Escape the housing market struggle! Invest in a high-end remodeling company in Paradise Valley. At 4 Gen Homes, we are here to bring your dream home into a reality! Contact us to set up a consultation. Call (602) 694-7030 today!

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