Everyone wants to live in their dream home, but as it stands, only 6% of Americans actually do.

Finding a home that’s perfect for you isn’t easy.

For many, the best way to do this is to have a home built specifically for them.

With a custom-built home, you can control every feature to make it perfect for you.

So where should you begin?

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the most popular architectural home-building styles in 2024 to give you some inspiration.

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Contemporary homes have a fairly simple design with signature features like tall windows and multiple materials.

These can include wood, brick, stone, and glass.

You can use a combination of materials for your new house to take advantage of the different properties they have.

You can have a home design that feels spacious and lets in a lot of natural light.

You can also choose sustainable materials to make it more eco-friendly.

These can be a bit more expensive than other styles, however, and depending on the materials chosen they can be more prone to damage.


Neoclassical-style homes date back to the late 1800s and take inspiration from classic Greek and Roman designs.

They’re a great example of luxury homes and are characterized by simple geometries, symmetry, fenestration, and grandeur of scale. In most cases, these homes are built using brick and stone.

Neoclassical-style houses are usually one or two stories tall.

The exterior may have a temple front facade, and the interior usually features large rooms with built-in furniture and tile or stone flooring.

They also often have decorative designs above and around the doorways.

These can be quite expensive, but they’re very durable and long-lasting.

They can also be quite difficult to clean and maintain.


A great option for a small single-family Arizona house is a cottage-style home.

These are known for having a simple design that exudes coziness and stands the test of time well.

There are various cottage types to choose from such as English, Nordic, American, Canadian, and South African.

These are great if you want a home that feels warm and inviting, though they often have small floor plans and can take a lot of maintenance.

The resale value also isn’t as good as various other types of homes.


Another option for a cozy feeling home is a farmhouse.

These can have a modern yet rustic look, which makes them increasingly popular.

They have elements of warm minimalism, providing both simplicity and comfort.

Modern designs allow for natural materials, varying textures, and flexible design choices, so you can build something just right for you.

These are fairly inexpensive compared to other options, so they can be ideal if you don’t have the biggest budget. They’re also fairly easy to maintain.

A key thing to consider is they can be difficult to personalize, and depending on the style, finding fixtures to match can be tricky.


There are two types of townhouse-style homes in the US. The earliest of these were small dwellings with multiple floors and were common in dense cities.

They were typically only owned by the wealthy and still exist in New York and some other places, but it’s uncommon for new ones to be built these days.

Modern townhouses (also called row houses) are also found in urban and suburban areas and are more affordable than old townhouses.

They’re built in a range of styles using a variety of materials.

A common characteristic is a continuous roof and a foundation with single walls between each adjacent unit.

These are affordable, low-maintenance houses offering great security.

The square footage, however, is typically low and they don’t offer much outdoor space.


Ranch houses emerged in California in the 1930s taking inspiration from Spanish colonial and Prairie and Craftsman homes.

They’re typically one story with a pitched roof and a built-in garage.

The exterior walls are made of brick or wood, and they have sliding doors and picture windows.

These homes are easy to design, making them a fairly inexpensive option.

They’re also low-maintenance.

Due to being just one story, they require more land than some other types, and the design flexibility can be a bit limited.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod homes are among the earliest built in the US. They were common in New England in the 17th Century, initially as single-story cottages with shingle siding. They regained popularity in the 20th century.

Modern Cape Cod homes usually have a square or rectangular structure and can be either one or one-and-a-half stories.

They have steeply pitched roofs, typically including dormers and shutters with brick or clapboard siding.

These are fairly inexpensive and have very flexible design options, making them a good choice for custom homes.

They tend to offer great curb appeal and are built to last.

On the downside, they often have small floorplans and low ceilings.

They can also be difficult to expand, so space may be limited.


Split-level homes are a modern design type with split or staggered floor levels.

They emerged shortly after World War II and are still a very popular style of home.

There are five common variations of these homes:

  • Side-split
  • Backsplit
  • Split-entry
  • Stacked split
  • Bi-level

All of these types typically feature a lowered Colonial on one side and a Ranch style on the other.

There are always at least two short sets of stairs, and usually three or four distinct levels.

Despite seeming complex, these are fairly affordable and offer high square footage.

They’re ideal for families and have distinct living spaces.

Bear in mind the design may make them inaccessible for people with restricted mobility and they can be harder to remodel or sell.

Choosing Between Architectural Home Building Styles

With all of these architectural home building styles, it can be tricky to decide between them.

Ultimately, you need to look at the different pros and cons and think about what’s most important (and suitable) for you and your family.

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